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I'm in a book don't you know!

The Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam has released the latest book in their INC Reader series based around their two Society of the Query Conferences in 2009 and 2013 and in it is my essay: "A 'History' of Search Engines: Mapping Technologies of Memory, Learning and Discovery"

The book, entitled "Society of the Query Reader: Reflections on Web Search", contains 20 essays by various scholars, critics, theorists and artists from a wide variety of disciplines on the theme of Search Engines. 
I attended the 2013 conference and its great to see essays from some of the speakers from that year as well as essays from prominent voices in the field who couldn't make it.
As the publishers describe it:
"Looking up something online is one of the most common applications of the web. Whether with a laptop or smartphone, we search the web from wherever we are, at any given moment. ‘Googling’ has become so entwined in our daily routines that we rarely question it. However, search engines such as Google or Bing determine what part of the web we get to see, shaping our knowledge and perceptions of the world. But there is a world beyond Google – geographically, culturally, and technologically.
The Society of the Query network was founded in 2009 to delve into the larger societal and cultural consequences that are triggered by search technology. In this Reader, which is published after two conferences held in Amsterdam in 2009 and 2013, twenty authors – new media scholars, historians, computer scientists, and artists – try to answer a number of pressing questions about online search. What are the  foundations of web search? What ideologies and assumptions are inscribed in search engine algorithms? What solution can be formulated to deal with Google’s monopoly in the future? Are alternatives to Google even thinkable? What influence does online search have on education practices? How do artists use the abundance of data that search engines provide in their creative work? By bringing researchers together from a variety of relevant disciplines, we aim at opening up new perspectives on the Society of the Query."
A hard copy of the book can be ordered for free and is also freely readable on the Web.
It really is a great introduction to Search Engine Studies overviewing the varied work that's being put out at the moment. 
Do check out the dedicated website for more detailed info, order the book or find about about more Search related events:

Richard Graham

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